PhD scholarship in environmental acoustics

PhD scholarship in environmental acoustics

The LEAM research group ( offers a 4-year PhD scholarship in the topic of environmental acoustics.

The candidate will enrol in the PhD programme of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia under the supervision of professor Andreu Balastegui and will participate in the project “Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network for Automatic Noise Mapping” that aims to draw noise maps automatically from the data sent by measurement stations installed in vehicles.

We are looking for candidates with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the fields of Engineering, Physics or Mathematics, that feel comfortable with programming, numerical methods and statistics.

The candidate will also have to perform experimental measurements and tests that will serve as a future benchmark.

The contract will start on February 2024.

To apply for the position, please contact before November 6th, and proceed to fill the application form:

More info at: