CDEI-DM - Center for Industrial Equipment Design-Dynamics of Machines


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CDEI-UPC (Centre de Disseny d’Equips Industrials) is a technological center of the Technical University of Catalonia that responds to the demands of design and development of industrial products and equipment from the industrial environment of the University. The Center, composed by a qualified technical team, is expert in mechanical engineering and machine engineering, and covers all the aspects related to the development of  industrial products and equipment: conception, design, simulation, calculation, prototyping and testing.


By means of consulting or organizing multidisciplinary teams, the CDEI complements its know‑how with that of other centers to carry out projects integrating different technologies. For example, the CDEI has led or took part  in various applications of mechatronics, along with the CITCEA-UPC (Centre d'Innovació Tecnològica en Convertidors Estàtics i Accionaments).