Professor Rosa Pàmies, new UPC reference people in AquiSteam program under the title: We all want to walk!

There are several female teachers from the mechanical engineering department who participate in the AquiStem program. One of the aim of the program is to attract female talent to studies of technology and engineering. On February 11, and coinciding with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Professor Rosa Pàmies gave a workshop under the title: "We all want to walk" to students at the Montserrat School in Cornellà de Llobregat.

Rosa explains the research she is doing on BioMec group to 5 level primary school students. In particular, she showed them the techniques the group uses for helping people with functional diversity who try to walk again.

Boys and girls were able to find out what gait pattern they had (supinator, pronator, or neutral), they see why some of them overcame challenges or not (depending on their anthropometric parameters), and manipulate real orthopedic devices and biomechanical sensors.

In addition, thanks to the work of the department technician Jordi Cervantes, students were able to manipulate models of joints in the human body, understand what force muscles must exert to hold a certain object, or see what happens to the spine when we load it unbalanced.

A great way to bring the little ones closer to what we do in our department.