Two LAM’s projects are presented at the MWC
Images of the applications presented

Two LAM’s projects are presented at the MWC

The project Tremorsoft led by Antonio Sánchez and the project Funee by Gil Serrancolí are two projects selected within the UPC’s RADAR call to be presented within the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The project Tremorsoft focuses on the analysis and classification of movement disorders using wearable devices and artificial intelligence. We are developing an e-health app that uses the inertial sensors of the smartphone or wearable devices to record movement disorders. The recorded inertial data is later analysed and classified to provide useful information to the treating physician. The beta version of this app is already able to record the history of the patient’s disease and, then, record the kinematic data. All this information is sent to a web server to be analysed and classified in real-time. It should be noted that this first-class app is the initial stage in the development of integrated wearable devices capable of incorporating a large amount of data, to provide objective information to physicians for decision-making, either in the clinic or through telemedicine. The initial results of this project are presented in this publication.

The project Funee consists of the development of an Android application to measure the knee instability in subjects with ligament injuries. This app processes videos captured during the performance of knee laxity tests, like the Lachman test or the Pivot-Shift test. The knee surgeon only needs to place three adhesive markers at the subject’s knee and record a video with the mobile phone during the normalized test. The app calculates the anterior-posterior translation of tibia with respect to the femur and shows the values on the screen. An introduction to the application can be seen in this video. The application is freely available on this link from Google Play (Android 11 or superior). This project is in collaboration with the surgeons Simone Perelli and Joan Carles Monllau from the Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine (ICATME) and Hospital del Mar (Barcelona), Carles Margelí from de Department of Mechanical Engineering and Jordi Torner from the Department of Graphic and Design Engineering. The results obtained with the app in a sample of seven injured subjects are presented in this publication.

Both projects are presented within the MWC. Video presentations were recorded within the RADAR call. The project Tremorsoft can be seen in this link and Funee in this one.