TECNOFAB - Manufacturing Technologies Research Group


Contact person:
Scientific production: futur.upc.edu/TECNOFAB


The TECNOFAB research group carries out research about different Manufacturing Technologies, in terms of the processes themselves, methodologies, computer-aided systems and the integration of different technologies. The activities are grouped into two large areas, both related to the study and analysis of surface finish: additive manufacturing processes and mechanical manufacturing processes.


The main activities of the area of the additive manufacturing processes are the following:


  • 3D printing of plastics with fused deposition modeling (FDM).
  • 3D printing of ceramics with extrusion process.
  • Manufacture of models to facilitate the testing of surgical operations.

As for mechanical manufacturing process, main activities are:


  • High Speed Machining: 3 and 5-axis milling.
  • Abrasive machining with Honing and Plateau-Honing processes.
  • Ball burnishing process.
Other research activities are also carried out in the fields of machinability of materials, laser cutting and cryogenic machining, among others.